Welcome to the definitive Chrysler Turbo I/II/VNT upgrade database.

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This page is for those looking to upgrade their Chrysler Turbo automobile.

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The Basics (not done) before you go any further.

NE-SDAC Dyno Day

Dyno Day at Wangs 2003


01.  Turbo myths, fact vs. fiction
02.  Intercooling: What is it and why do I need it? Intercooler links!

The Hard Parts

03.  Intake Manifolds, throttle bodies and air filters
04.  Camshafts, Sprockets & Timing Belts (part numbers too!)
05.  Exhaust System:  Manifolds, headers, & mufflers
06.  Cylinder Heads, porting & headgaskets
07.  Short Block, what's hot and what's not
08.  Lubrication system and balance shafts

09.  Ignition System, reading spark plugs
10.   Mopar Port Fuel Injection explained
11.   Stock Turbochargers- which one is which?
12.   VNT pictorial breakdown

13.   Fuel pumps and regulators

How to section

14.  Installing an O2 or EGT gauge and why it's a good idea
15.  Installing extra injectors to support more boost
16.  Installing larger injectors to support more boost
17.  Map Sensor modifications to prevent overboost shutdown
18.  Boost Controller Central
19.  Bleeding a VNT Turbo vehicle for more boost
  Shift Valves (A.K.A. Blow Off valves) explained

21.   Installing a Talon BOV on an intercooled 2.2 turbo
22.  Modifying a Talon BOV so it doesn't leak over 20 psi
23.  Chemical Intercooling using water and alcohol
24.  How to convert a 85-87 Turbo I vehicle to Turbo II status
25.  How to convert a 84-87 Turbo I turbocharger to 87-89 Turbo II spec
26.  Intercooling using the 84-87 Turbo I Log Intake manifold
27.  Tricks & Tips for going fast
28.  Advanced Mopar Port Fuel Injection, ECU socketing & Calibrations
29.  Advanced Turbocharger choices
30.  Hybrid turbo installations & tips
31.  Converting a automatic minivan to manual transaxle

Reference section

32. SOHC cylinder head flow comparisons
33.  Checking cam & distributor timing
34.  Tools to have for working on a turbo mopar
35.  Common failure items & mistakes
36.  Turbo engine identification  & nomenclature guide
37.  Fault Codes for 1989-1990 VNT
38.  Fault Codes for 1984-1988 Turbo I and Turbo II
39.  Vacuum Diagrams for 84-93 Turbo engines
40.  Injector p.n. application chart and flow rate page
41.  Torque & clearance specs for 2.2/2.5 engines
  Intercooler identification & spotters guide
43.  FWD Mopar Dyno sheets!
44.  Exhaust system backpressure study
45.  Tach
comparisons- which is correct?

Straight from the factory

46.  The S-60 package By Jerry Mallicoat, Chrysler Engineer
47.  SDML posts by Dave Zelkowski, Chrysler Engineer (MUST READ)
48.  7 pages of information from Mr. 5DIGITS (A MUST READ)
49.  VNT Engineering Report by Andrew E. Johnston

50.  Turbo Fundamentals by Dennis Grant, Chrysler Employee
51.  Summary of SAE technical paper 840252 (Turbocharging 2.2)
52.  Summary of SAE technical paper 900852 (Turbocharging 2.5)
53.  Factory hot-rods & prototype drivetrains.
54.  One of none- Long wheel base turbo minivan. 
55.  Shelby Industries prototypes
56.  What the hell is a Consulier GTP?
57.  The Stu Davis 1985 Turbo z Daytona

A big thanks to these people who contributed to this database!
Blaine Jansen,  Angelo Taylor, Dempsey Bowling, Doug Mill, Garry W. McKissick, Jr.,
Gus Mahon, Cliff Sebring, Robert Meier, and Cliff Ramsdell.

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