89-90 VNT Pictorial

Complete & assembled VNT

Close up of tag on compressor housing.

The Compressor side-

Comparison of VNT, Mitsubishi & Turbo II wheels. 

Smaller wheel = faster spool.

Comparison of VNT, Turbo II and Mitsubishi compressor housings

Comparison of VNT and Turbo II compressor housings, backside.

Vane setup and control canister

Vanes in closed position (high backpressure), Vanes in open position (low backpressure)

VNT control canister

The Turbine side-

Turbine inlet with arrow showing beginning of exhaust scroll opening where vanes are located.

Note: The VNT benefits from advanced technology as far as blade design goes- Notice how much more aerodynamic it is compared to it's larger Garrett Turbo II relative which was designed back in 1970!

Another view- Smaller, lighter turbine = faster spool up.

Comparison of VNT housing and Garrett Turbo II .48 A/R housing

Here is a backside view of the control ring and vanes sitting in the turbine housing scroll.

Turbine housing showing casting date, A/R ratio & M-4 designation (High nickel content)

The exhaust "EXIT" notice it's a very sharp 90 degree radius, very bad for good flow.

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