Here is compilation of information posted to the FWD Mopar mailing lists from 5DIGITS- A gentleman who has been intimately aquatinted with 2.2/2.5 drivetrains since the late 80's.

When he has the spare time he answers technical questions on the FMML & SDML mailing lists- enlightening us to many facets of the 2.2/2.5 liter design...

1)  Injector fuel flow, intake tract airflow & cam timing

2)  Head porting, blocks, coolant systems, Neon heads, EGR valves

3)  Manual & Automatic transaxle data

4)  Turbo III technical data

5)  Factory turbocharger & intercooler information
6)  Factory electronics, engine calibrations and wiring

7)  Historical tidbits, odds & ends

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