Handy tools to have for working on a turbo mopar

FWD Mopars are fairly easy critters to work on, hell if you have the following sockets- 10, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19 & 24mm you can rebuild the whole car! But there are a few special tools to make the job easy and I'll share a few with you here.

Tool number one for people who work on 2.2's! A timing belt tensioner! 

K-D part number 3282 or Chrysler-Miller tool C-4703-1 

You can use a regular steering wheel puller to pull off the lower crank sprocket on 84-87 2.2 but if you work on the later ones when Chrysler went to 5 bolt sprockets your screwed! This little tool is nothing more then a scrap piece of steel from a brush-guard. Drill 3 5/16 holes using the lower belt pulley for the pattern and a 1/2 inch hole in the center. Welded to the center hole is a 1/2 NC nut. Couple of TBI intake bolts and your in business.

Since I work with pressure switches a lot this was a little gadget I came up with spare parts lying around- Nothing more then a Sears air regulator and a pressure gauge. Hook it up to the air compressor and it's a snap to see when your fuel injectors are coming on OR hook it up to your cars fuel regulator/rising rate regulator system to see what the fuel pressure is doing at any given boost pressure.

Couple of months ago I came up with a new use for my gizmo- Took an old cap off a master cylinder, pressed a piece of brake line through it. Attach it to the top of  the master cylinder of a car your doing a brake job on and set the pressure for 3 psi and you can have the brakes bled in nothing flat with just one person!

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