Long wheel-base Turbo mini!

I have to admit- According to Chrysler long wheel base turbo minivans were never an official option and yet there is one sitting in a junkyard less then 5 miles from my house! I received an excited phone call from my bud Jon who was yarding that he found one and went and checked it out myself 4/18/02 with digital camera in hand.

Both turbo badges were on the fenders

"Long" rear windows are clearly visible

Engine bay shot- Vacuum harness is clearly identifiable by anyone who has worked on 89 Turbos.

You can see where the "Grand Voyager" badge was

Complete with an engine in the trunk- Note the turbo, inlet hose and 2.5 with spun bearing.

Interesting tailpipe- All turbo mini's I have ever seen had the "dual tip" setup. I suspect since this was not a regular production vehicle Chrysler just used the V6 tailpipe rather then go to the expense of adding another part number to their inventory for such a limited number of vehicles.

Still have doubts?

Build tag and VIN numbers-

Confirmed minivan fanatic Dempsey Bowling was kind enough to run the vin number and this is what he found-

Fun pictures!  Thanks for taking the time to send them to me.

Since we last spoke, I did some checking of my own.  First, I confirmed the VIN itself via an independent source (carfax).  Once that said it was legit, I looked up the old body code to verify the long wheel-base model--sure enough, it's a Grand (which you already saw).  Then I plugged the VIN into Chrysler to run a function 14 just for kicks.  That also came
back positive.

What I know for sure about that van:

*it was built on June 29, 1989 (one of the last of the year!)
*it was a sold order for Travelers Rental Co, Inc.
*it was licensed right away: Aug 7th 1989 with 10 miles on the clock
*it was first registered in Massachusetts, title #AE529517
*on 7-31-95 it was repaired at a Chrysler dealer with 68,624 miles
*on 11-29-95 is passed a smog inspection in Connecticut
*on 6-4-96 with 85,030 miles it was registered in CT, title number "xxxxxxx"
*on 11-13-97 recall #6408 (liftgate latch) was performed
*last known owner: Ernest Larose of  CT.

Currently the van is missing the windshield and hood but otherwise looks intact- If you wish to try and save this beast and live in the New England area contact me and I'll see what can be done about purchasing it from the yard before it gets crushed.

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