DDG- Tach Tech

Every once in a while someone will remark on how well their FWD Mopar pulls at 7000+ RPM. Well I got news for you... It isn't at 7000 and it isn't pulling. Factory redline on the 2.2 Turbo engines is 6640 and on the 2.5 Turbo engines it's 6200. This was done for two reasons. 

1) The injectors won't support over these preset limits.
2) The engine isn't making power at these limits let alone any higher!

Most of the time the tach is simply off as demonstrated by the picture above... As for the making power up there... see this page full of factory and other dyno sheets. The bottom line is due to the bore & stroke of the 2.2 and 2.5 engines they simply don't make power at high RPM's even with the 16V head.

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