FWD Mopar Dyno sheets!

This page is going to have a selection of dyno sheets that I have collected over the years from readers or other sources. In general it's pointless to compare dyno sheets from one dyno to another (Or even from the same dyno but on a different day!) as far as horsepower and torque goes but you can compare the curves to get an idea where a particular package starts and stops making power. 

NOTE: There are two major types of dyno's- Chassis dyno's which read the horsepower to the wheels and Flywheel dyno's which of course gives you hp at the engines flywheel. Flywheel dyno's will always give a higher number because there is no parasitic losses from the transmission. The difference is about 15-20%.

Factory Dyno sheets (Flywheel)

1984 Naturally aspirated 2.2 vs. 1984 Turbocharged 2.2

1989 2.5 Turbo I

Notice the odd torque peak? The boost schedule was setup so the engine didn't exceed the maximum torque limit of the transaxle! In 1991 the ECU was revised and with the stouter transmission the same engine was now rated for 210 ft/lbs at 2400 rpm.   (1989 was 180 ft/lbs at 2000 rpm)

1989 Boost schedule for 2.5 Turbo I

Horsepower and torque for Super 60 package vs. Stock Turbo II (unknown year) The torque number for the TII seems... off. They were well known to make 200-210 ft/lbs of torque. Perhaps they were using a tired engine as a baseline?

Readers dyno sheets (chassis)

Brian Slowe Dodge Shadow

Shortblock-87 2.2 T1 bored and honed with torque plate .020 over with J&E forged pistons and file fit rings. T2 rods, MP billet main caps and main studs. stock cast crank. will be going to a common block later this year.

Cylinder head-782 casting with 44mm intake valves and 36mm exhaust valves, ported and polished by myself. MP314 cam with stock springs.

Turbo-T3/T4 hybrid with .63 a/r housing, homemade header, homemade 3" downpipe full 3" exhaust

52mm throttle body, homemade "twintercooler", ported 2-piece intake.

Trans- A413 w/manual valve body, extra clutches, modified torque converter.

Steve Menegon's Lebaron GTC

20 psi boost setting

26 psi setting with slipping clutch.

.020" over 2.2. Forward Motion E-2 turbo with .63 exhaust housing. F.M. 3" mandrel bent stainless exhaust system. No cat. Muffler in place of cat. No muffler out back. :o) Slightly ported one-piece intake.

 Owner ported head and exhaust manifold, Mack truck intercooler.

Wayne Hemingways 2.5l Spirit ES

268 hp and 372 ft/lbs of torque at 26 psi


Butch Nordstrom's '87 GLHS & '89 Daytona Shelby

Bone stock GLHS Charger- Notice the downward bump in the torque curve? The LM pulls back the boost here to prevent the engine from exceeding 175 ft/lbs of torque which was the rated limit of the 525 transaxle.


2.5 turbo intercooled makes a bit of torque at 19 psi eh? 

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