More pictures of Bruce Hertel's 205 mph Salt-flats Lebaron

From Dave Zelkowski- The engine in Bruce Hertel's LeBaron was the spare from the 1988 IMSA GTU Daytona. Bruce had talked to Pete Gladysz about the project and Pete gave Bruce the spare engine. Dick Winkles went out to get the engine sorted and went to Bonneville for support.

The following pictures were taken by Steve and Dee Kalmes at the Walter P. Chrysler museum in Michigan during SDAC-10 (July 2000)

Note changes from prior pictures- Heavy insulation around intake and air to water intercooler.

Large amount of thermal wrap around header- It looks like they went to great lengths to keep intake cool. I would imagine tape on shocktower opening was to keep salt and debris from upper strut plate bearing.

Closeup of wastegate- Note that the turbo still uses a liquid cooled center section.

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