Here is a article on bleeding a Chrysler VNT turbo- I cannot verify its accuracy and its here as general information. Thanks to Turbo Gearhead Central for supplying the link.

   Here's a quick schematic of the VNT & the three solenoids that control it. Special thanx to Mark Panos for sending me this diagram. I usually run my VNT without a bleed, but that didn't stop me from a little experimentation! Some people told me that you can't bleed a VNT - BULL! In fact, It's quite easy so here's what I did:

  First, I went to a pet shop & bought a three nipple bleed valve (fish tank valve) & installed it on the blue line at the bottom port of the actuator. The result, CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ! No good. I took the bleed back off & this time, I installed it on the purple line at the top port of the actuator( to sol. #3) & cracked it open slightly.

 The result: Easily over 15psi!! It's just that simple! In the future I will try the other methods as explained in the boost controls section of the VNT engineer's report so stay tuned!........................AD

P.S: Get an A/F gauge just to be on the safe side! The last thing I want is for someone to blow up their motor because they were running too lean.........AD

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