Alcohol Injection by Mike Marra.

I designed an effective alcohol injection system for my 1986 Turbo I in
my Horizon. It should work just as well in any ‘87-93 Turbo I.

Here is a list of things you need:


I first went about installing the reservoir and pump. Since I had the stock rear wiper reservoir and pump from an Omni in my pile of L-body parts, that is where I started. If your car is equipped with a rear washer, you can use that. Or, you can go to any parts store, and pick up a small reservoir and pump.

Once they are installed, it is time for the wiring.

First, find a place on your dashboard to install the toggle switch and the indicator light. Find a place underhood to install the relay, pressure switch and vacuum solenoid. Make sure the relay and the solenoid are properly grounded.

Run a wire from an ignition-on source to the switch. then run the other lead of the switch to the pressure switch under the hood. Then run the other lead from the pressures switch to the “switched” side of the relay. Run another wire from the positive side of the battery, to the “positive” terminal on the relay (you may want to put an inline fuse here). This will ensure that the system cannot be operated with the ignition off, and the pump, solenoid, and indicator light are all getting direct power from the battery without overloading the switches.

From the “accessory” side of the relay, run three wires. One to the indicator light on the dash, one to the alcohol pump, and one to the vacuum solenoid.

Make sure that when positive power is supplied to the solenoid, it switches from closed to open, and not the opposite. The purpose of this is to make sure that the injection media will not siphon into the engine after the system has stopped pumping.

Now you can start plumbing your tubing for the injection media. Run tubing from the outlet of the pump to the solenoid, then out from the solenoid to the injector.

 For an injector I used a small brass fitting with a small hole in it (.010 to 0.030) Jeff Chojnacki uses welding jets, which I intend to try next.  I have the injector placed in the top of the TB, sticking through a small hole drilled into the plastic elbow on top. The injector is snug fitted into the hole and a small blob of solder was placed on it to keep it from falling through the hole. Be careful with this, cause if it does fall into the holes the first thing it will hit is your turbo compressor. Also, make sure that the injector is placed directly over the throttle butterfly, and not in the center of the plastic elbow.

Now, you should be ready to try it out. Now, I have discovered, this did not really add much power, to my engine until I raised the boost beyond 14 psi. In doing this, the A/F ratio was just right, and the alcohol provided enough fuel for the extra boost.  This means that bleeds are involved, and that means you are taking the fate of your engine into your own hands. If you are not familiar with safely using bleeds, please contact somebody who is.

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