Installing a 1990-1993 Talon blow off valve on a 2.2/2.5 Mopar

 This is a quick page detailing the step's I took to install a BOV in my Daytona.  The installation was done NOT for any perceived performance gain but to help the turbo live a bit longer by preventing compressor surge.

A note from 5digits: It would be good to mention that for auto's it really doesn't matter where the BOV is located, but on the manuals it can be advantageous to place them before the intercooler.

The stock Talon steel intercooler pipe is shown on the left and after I cut a section out. The flange itself is made from cast iron and is furnace brazed to the pipe.  Since I cannot weld cast iron I just cut a section of the pipe out and will weld the old pipe to my new pipe! (I'm told by a reader that the flange is carbon steel and he had no problem mig welding it, mine appeared to be cast iron)

The next step is to take a hammer and "adjust" the smaller piece of pipe to fit around the 2 1/4 pipe I'm using for upper intercooler plumbing.  After that its simple matter of welding the piece on.

Since I wanted the piece to look nice I ground down all the welds with a hand grinder and then coated the area with JB Weld. There is a twofold reason for this.  First, is this will seal any pinhole leaks in the welding and the second reason is it will look nice after it is sanded down and painted.

You can drill the hole before or after mounting the flange, in this case I did it after welding.  For most it would be easiest to do before it's welded up.  After that just smooth out the JB Weld with sandpaper and paint it up!

Here is the "before" shot of my upper intercooler pipe (complete with 5th injector)

And here is the after!

This shot shows my modified b.o.v. with the vacuum hose on the base of the b.o.v. going down to the nipple on the turbocharger outlet.  The line at the top of the b.o.v. is "teed" into the vacuum line for the fuel pressure regulator.

The b.o.v. is currently in fast release mode:  In this mode it will leak at boost levels over 18 psi which is about how much boost I run on the street anyway. To change over to "no-leak mode" all I have to do is disconnect and plug the lower vacuum line on this modified b.o.v. and it's good to over 30 psi..

See this page to learn how to make a modified b.o.v. like the one shown in this article...

A Question from a reader!

Michael asked: 

Now for the question, I am looking at the BOV stuff and notice that you have some sort of chrome muffler/aircleaner thing attached to the BOV exhaust hose, what is that thing?

Its a Moroso valve cover breather PN# 68811 with a K&N style element.

And is it necessary? 

Sure is! When under cruise or at idle the BOV is open to outside air! So some of the engines air gets pulled through the BOV opening. Without a filter a lot of dirt and debris would get ingested into the engine under these conditions.

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