New England Shelby Dodge Club dyno day pictures

Saturday May 11th was dyno day for the SDAC-NE members and another chance for Herb to pay for lunch! Herb (ex chapter president) had a running bet that he would pay for lunch if any of the members of the club could produce a turbo Dodge that made more hp then his Corvette.  Myself I was heading up to tune a few cars and collect calibration data while getting a baseline on my Daytona. Future mods are planned and I wanted to document them so that I could inform a customer of exactly what kind of gains could be had with various changes of components.

Video clips and MP3 files-

Dan Hemingway's Shadow, rear MPG and MP3

Daytona front, MPG and MP3

Daytona rear, MPG and MP3

Baker's Shadow front, MPG and MP3

Give you an idea on how loud or quiet some of the cars are under boost. Keep an eye on the Daytona's upper intercooler hose! 

No joking- Gary Wang's auto sales! Seems that Mr. Wang is a N/A Honda tuner and finds the dyno invaluable for getting those last bits of power out of N/A engines.

Some of the NE crew (and Dan visiting from Texas) taking a break! Seven members were running their cars while 3 times that number showed up to watch the fun. 

Order of runs and vehicles- Hollis Lynn (N/A Neon 145 hp) Phil Whittimore (Turbo Neon 185 hp) Dan Hemingway (Turbo Shadow 218hp)  Gary Donovan (Turbo Daytona see below)  Bill Baker (Turbo Shadow see below) Butch Nordstrom (GLHS Charger 167 hp) and Alan Ross (T2 Rampage DNF)

Mr. Luca's elusive T3 Omni was on hand visiting.

Alan Ross' TII Rampage on the dyno- Hampered by a blown intercooler hose unfortunately.

Daytona strapped on the rollers- My own personal mark to hit was 250 hp. I was going to be limited on how much boost I could run by lack of cooling airflow through the stock intercooler core and a missing 6th injector. When the car ran 12.6 it was making an 305-310 hp but the majority of runs were 12.8 which works out to 275-280 hp, this was at a 30 psi boost level! Today's limit was 23-24 psi tops.

Relentless Performance cam sprocket installed.

On the first pull the car nailed it! 250 hp to the wheels and 296 ft/lbs of torque! That was at 22 psi with an engine with 154,000 miles on it! Stock head, cam, intercooler, turbocharger and computer! Here is a list of modifications done to the car.

3 inch exhaust system
Underdrive pulley
Ported exhaust manifold
Backcut valves (no valve job)
52 mm Throttle Body
Open element air filter
Diode to prevent overboost shut off
Single 5th injector

Mods done to car just before dyno day- Installed adjustable cam sprocket and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. 

After six passes of tweaking cam timing, distributor timing and fuel pressure the car rapped off a best pull of 254 hp and 321 ft/lbs of torque! I finished the day by giving people 22 psi blasts up and down the street! The car picked up a bit of torque due to the tuning but the hp didn't change to much due to the restrictive head and intercooler, that will be changing soon.

Next up was Bill Bakers immaculate Dodge Shadow- 2.2 5-speed with a Izusu NPR intercooler, RP turbocharger and RP cylinder head, roller cam, 2 piece intake and Super 60 computer. Last year it made 278 hp, this year with a Relentless Performance stage III cylinder head and RP turbocharger it rapped out a peak hp of 305 hp at the same boost level after tuning and tweaking.  After the baseline tuning passes were completed a RP computer was installed and the tuning process began again. All it took was 2-3 pulls to demolish the old numbers.

WOW! 323 wheel hp and 380 ft/lbs of torque!

 Needless to say Bill Baker is a pretty satisfied customer! Thanks for the pizza Herb!

Butch Nordstrom's bone stock GLHS making 167 hp.

Thanks for visiting Donovan's Dodge Garage