200 mph Bonneville Slat Flats Lebaron!

  Not much is known about this bad boy of FWD Mopar lore- Legend says it was an engine Mopar built for the GTU IMSA class that was never used. Reported HP was in the 425+ range.  What we do know is a salt flats racer who was in tight with some of the boys at Mopar managed to get his hands on it and headed out to Bonneville.  Installed in a 2-dr Lebaron the engine made enough horsepower to push the car over 200 mph!

Below are some pictures of the engine when it was on the dyno at Mopar getting tweaked and tuned.

 Clearly visible is the custom intake and exhaust header with its external wastegate.


  In these two photos you can clearly see the external dry sump oil system pump as well as the water to air intercooler that was used during dyno testing.  Not so visible is the 1 of 10 cast cylinder head that had raised ports which was supposed to be good for another 30 hp.

Want more info? Pop over to Garry McKissick's website where he has larger versions of the above pictures and a bit more detail about it.

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