Mopar historical documents and stories.

Stuff collected over the years and other items of interest...


"200.447 m.p.h." by Larry Rathgeb- Retired Chysler Engineer, about the 1969 Daytona.

The Chrysler 2.2/2.5 liter four cylinder engine- A short history by Pete Bador.

The SDML archives- Postings by Dave Zelkowski, powertrain engineer.

The 5-Digits archives- SDML & FMML Postings by anonymous Chrysler engineer.

Page 1 & Page 2-  The 205 mph IMSA 2.0 liter powered saltflats Lebaron.

Summary of SAE technical paper 840252 (Turbocharging the 2.2)

Summary of SAE technical paper 900852 (Turbocharging the 2.5)

Factory hotrods, prototype drivetrains and showcars.

Shelby Industries prototypes and one off vehicles.

Maserati history by Len Frank (used with permission)


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