FWD Mopars from around the globe.... 

For the most part I'll try to have cars here that cannot be purchased within the USA... There will be a few notable exceptions though...

Heiko from Germany sends pictures of his ride into the Dodge Garage...

Heiko states:

"Meanwhile I found several information's about the Turbo engine in the Web. Do not wonder, but this engine is in Europe an "exotic thing" - in Germany we have several Le Baron Convertibles and Vans, but this are models from 1990 and later and they mostly have the 6 cylinder engine - so cheap parts at an "auto cemetery" are not available! Even Chrysler automotive companies don't know much about this engine -Chrysler is present in Europe with late 1988 models, I think."

Per Mikkelsen of Norway sends pictures of his '86 Turbo z he is fixing up- apparently at one time it was in a flood!

Looks like he has his work cut out for him- Per has had me ship a few items over to Norway in his quest to get his ride back on the road..

Cool rims!

Stephan Beauregard from S.M. Performance (Canada) has one wild little ride- A Shelby Charger that's been converted to RWD! Currently powered by a SOHC 2.2 the car debuted with DOHC 2.2 which has since been retired. More Pics here!

Luis Barriga of Mexico passes on a few pictures of his own cars and a few friends as well..

1994 Spirit R/T powered by 2.5 Turbo Intercooled engine

The always popular Chrysler Phantom R/T (1992) powered by the Turbo III engine

A speedometer in kilometers, cool!

Luis's neighbor owns a 1992 Chrysler Spirit R/T

Want to see other models from Mexico? Head over to Turbos MX!

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