Welcome to the Shelby Dodge page..

 Here you will find pictures of strange and unusual Shelby Dodge related cars and parts I have run into in my travels- If you would like to add to this page email me.

Relentless when it was a mere 13-14 second ride! (slicks/street tires)

Cliff Sebring and the 11 second Silver Bullet Omni on the left at Mopars at Englishtown.
Cliff's 2.2 powered dragster on the right- last I knew it was running low 11's.

On the left is my buddy Seth doing some work to his GLH which sports a over the top intercooler.
Another view of Cliff Sebring's 2.2 powered dragster on the right.

On the right is a 16V 2.2 in a 89 Shelby Z with a 1 of 10 Shelby valve cover.
 And speaking of hard to find parts-A Supercharger on a 2.2!!

Is this sweet or what? A 16V dropped in a Charger, with custom intake and exhaust converted to R.W.D.
It ran 11.88 off the trailer first time at the track,and the workmanship was superb.

Check out the rims! 8 inch in the back and 3 inch in the front! works of art.
 A round of applause to Stephane Beauregard owner of S.M. Performance, Canada.

So large I had to make another page..