Texas Joe's wild 2.5 powered Shelby Charger (lots of money in that engine bay)
 Cliff Sebrings AF/SA NHRA record holding Daytona on the right...

 A wagon? If its on this page its odd! In this case its Cliffs old Mexican 2.2 turbo intercooled AUTOMATIC. yes thats right its from Mexico, complete with dials and speedo in spanish.

Nothing unique about the group on the right, I owned 3 out of the 4 and passed on buying the GLHS Omni. The GLH did have 192,000 miles on it when I sold it, the motor still had the original turbo!

Custom air box on the left (note the racing strut setup on the shock tower)
and on the right a Spearco over-transaxle intercooler, good luck finding one of those.

 Jose Luis Cuevas Seoane of  Monterrey,  México's  Phantum R/T.
Wish they sold this one in the United States.


A Florida police K-car!  What is it with these k-cars? There's one patrolling Englishtown!

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