Cliff Sebrings Mutant Shadow



   Cliff has long been a member of the FWD Mopar community and this car shown is from a long line of cars he has owned. Currently it has a 3.0 in it and is raced in the money classes at NHRA/NSCA events where it makes Cliff extra spending money with its consistent high 14 runs and Cliffs good lights.  I'm not sure what the car started life with for an engine but I do know it was one of if not THE first FWD Mopar in the 11's with a Nitroused 2.5 Turbo. (as a matter of fact the top photo is from its 4 cylinder days)

  There is a story below about the white hood on the car;  it seems when Cliff first did the V6 engine swap he didn't know why Chrysler had a different part number for the V6 hoods. When they went to close the hood on the car after the engine swap it wouldn't shut!! The intake manifold was hitting on the bottom side of the hood, hence the different part number hood for V6 cars.  Cliff has been to busy winning races to get the hood painted.

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