Notes from a Bracket Racing Legend.... Angelo Taylor.



    The darn thing is that since I bracket race it and I want it as consistent as possible the times it runs then are in the 15.9s to 16.10 range.
 I have noticed the 3.0's are VERY weather temperamental.
  Under drive pulley kit was worth around .25 in quarter and nearly a full 2 mpg gain in economy!!  Dittos for 52 mm throttle body!!

    Open Super Trapp was SLOWER than stock muffler at all was slower yet!!!  I think around 16 discs in it equaled the stock muffler......24 discs worked the best and 2 1/2 behind the cat was used for best of around .25 in quarter.....maybe 1 mpg.  The Super Trapp ended up being a over expensive stainless steel megaphone after one year...all the guts blew out of it....discs and all......a twin tip Hooker resonator in its place made it run and
sound identically to the Super Trash....

    20" tall slicks were at least .25 quicker in 1/4 compared to the 225x5x15 Sumitomos that I spin with either.

    All of the air filter set up is gone and in place directly on the throttlebody is a motorcycle ram air horn that has a fine wire mesh screen in it.  I drive this car in all weather with this set up.  Car is up to .25 quicker in quarter if you run a ram air type hose to the throttle body; but more consistent if you just remove the stock system and leave a open throttle body like I use.  Around 1 more mpg this way too!!!

    Car still has stock gear ratio....powerbraking SLOWS THESE DOWN!!!
I think the computer starts to back down the timing when you do this.  Best ets were done leaving at only 1000-1200 rpm.....also, best ets are done by leaving the car in D1.....the computer will automatically shift it at around 5800.....for most consistency leave it in shifts it then at around 5500....regular drive and you'll be in fourth gear before the 1000' mark!!!    Best time ever was 15.19; darn good for stock gearing and automatic..
    Some guys swear by Magnecore spark plug wires......some make outrageous gain statements....I use the bone stock ones.  I also use the stock Champions and not the Accell U Grooves.....
    Warranty will be up next year....improvements will be made to the car by the way of gear ratio, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure gauge, and......of course.....NITROUS from NOS!!!

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