Relentless- Race Season 2001

Last year

This morning (5/1/2001)

A few hours later...

New gauge pod- check out this page for more details

The factory wiring harness has been radically downsized.

Intercooled brass radiator at top has been replaced with aluminum unit from carburated Omni, saving 10 pounds.

Now that's an intercooler! FOUR factory cores welded together in parallel with 3 inch inlets and outlets.

3 inch vs factory 2.25"

I think that looks really, really mean. Headlamps have been replaced with aluminum.

Another view of things... The straight outlets were swapped out for 90 degree elbows.

The view as of last night (6/17/01) at 11:00- clearly visible is the 3 inch compressor outlet which has been installed on the TAFT hybrid.  If all goes well the car will be running today!

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