My (other) 1970 Plymouth GTX

The "Root Beer" car!

Towards the end of summer 2012 I was looking for a B-body Mopar to drive and some money to park in an investment. I found this beautiful car on the local Craigslist's for sale. I had seen it at a local cruise, it was owned by a local gentleman who had purchased it for "ice cream" runs.  The car came from California in 2002 and the underside is spotless. It had been "restored" there and still shown well.  I use the term "restored" since who ever did the work either changed the seat color and headliner to white or had left it. 

The car is an original sales bank car with 440-4bbl engine, automatic on the column shifter, 3.23 gears with factory a/c, light package, AM/FM radio, 3=speed wipers, power steering and power disc brakes. The original stripe on the side is black, now done in white. The hood pins are in the wrong location and as far as I know have been on the car for as far back as 2002. It also had a 6-pack intake on it back then, hence the a/c being in the trunk and a 440+6 decal that use to be on the hood which I removed. The exterior color is the correct "burnt orange" and all the pieces in the interior were burnt orange from the factory. 

One day I'll reskin the seats back to the correct color and change out the arm rests, visors and headliner too. I'm also going to detail the a/c components and reinstall them. The only things I have done to the car so far is to tweak the timing, install a factory style tach in the dash (no tic-toc-clock) and pick up a new outside manual mirror and fresh woodgrain for the upper door plates.

If you have any info on the California cruiser prior to 2002 drop me a line! I'd like to keep tracing its history back. 

The root beer GTX was sold in 2014 and last seen heading towards Massachusetts. It was a nice car but once the blue GTX was up and running I'm afraid I didn't have much interest in driving it and it was too large for Faith's taste. 

Better to be used and loved than just sitting for months at a time..




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