1967 Dodge Dart


Out front of the DAS delivery depot 2/2/2010. Some people don't like DAS but they did me no wrong on the Dart's 2800 mile+ journey from Idaho.

In the driveway home after the trip from the DAS depot. Car ran well and is very solid.

Passenger side while in Idaho.

Drivers side.

Rear (duh)

From the drivers seat.

While I was waiting for conditions to be right for the body work, I spent my time obtaining parts and refurbishing stuff. These door panels were repaired, the trim polished and dyed black.

The original tank..

Same tank after sanding, a coat of POR-15, wet sanding and 3 coats of reflective paint.

Car was totally stripped down in a period of a few months with everything being bagged and photographed.

Everything is being blasted and repainted or refinished.

Like the Duster the Dart will be magnum powered. This engine was obtained off Craigslist for $275

Rear seat re-skinned and awaiting install.

Fronts are '74 Duster buckets- Frames painted, skinned and new side covers.

The dash was stripped down and repainted, chrome cleaned and polished and the plastic trim redone.

Aug/Sept 2011- The stripped car was delivered to the body shop.

The color is B7 blue (CC-1 medium blue poly)

The day back from the body shop.

In the garage..



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