10/08/16 Raced at Lebanon Valley Mopar day, best pass of 13.3. Computer pulling timing for some reason.

11/14/15 Runs 12.98 and 12.80 at Cecil County Dragway

11/01/15 Car back on road with brand new turbocharger and several other minor upgrades and fixes.

10/03/15 Turbocharger fails on exhaust side.

7/20/15 Engine rebuilt with TII rods and pistons, 92,360 miles. Wipers fixed again.

7/5/15 SDAC-25. Road course, 3rd place in car show and 3 passes at drag strip (14.5 at 97 mph). Number 4 piston failed and limped home same day (7/8/15)

6/26/15 Obtained plates from state of CT, registered as Shelby CSX.

4/26/2015 Purchased from Chris Williams with 91,372 in upstate NY. Car sat in storage lot from 2011 to 2015 broke down. Before that in N.C.

7/6/2011 NC reg renewed. (Cramerton NC)

7/5/2011 90,913 miles NC emissions form

10/2000 Wiper motor purchased from S&R Salvage in Charlotte NC

4/10/2010 Vehicle at Charlotte Motor Speedway AutoFair

1/22/2010 NC reg renewed. (Cramerton NC) Chris Williams owner

12/18/2009 Sold to Chris Williams from Landon Kivett (Date from NC title, no miles)

6/8/2001 NC reg renewed. (Charlotte NC)

1/21/2001 88,591 miles listed in Carfax report, NC emissions

11/10/2000 88,288 miles listed in Carfax report, NC emissions

10/30/2000 88,218 miles listed in Carfax report, NC emissions

9/2000 Matt Wells sells or trades car to Landon Kivett with 86,119 miles (miles from Matt)

4/3/2000 Matt Wells claims purchased car in St Petersburg and put 2000 miles on it before selling.

10/27/1995 66,000 miles listed in Carfax report, FL emissions

6/13/1995 56,000 miles listed in Carfax report, FL emissions

11/21/94 Brett McMullen?/Florida West Motors purchases car from "Pick and Pull Auto Parts" of Tampa FL with 66,148 miles on title. Brett owns car for 94-00 and puts 20k on the clock.

1990-1994 I assume "Pick and Pull" owns the car for this timeframe but could be very wrong. The 1994 FL title indicates the previous issue date is 1/30/90. Can anyone shed some light on this from Florida? Whats intresting is the odo on the title indicates that "odo read date" was 10/18/94. So I'm assuming the title was not issued to "Pick and Pull" till 11/10/94 which is only a month after the odo read date. So was the car just sitting unplated? How does that work in FL?

11/10/1994 DMV inspects vehicle and indicates odo is 66,145 in Tampa FL

7/30/1987 delivered to Kenyon Dodge in Clearwater, FL. Car is verified as being in the first batch (#114) of 125 shipped to Shelby. Kenyon Dodge is out of business as of 1998 (purchased in merger)

Build date of 5/18/1987 (Chrysler service report)