The Caravan (New official tow vehicle of the Donovan Dodge Garage)

Best pass to date- 14.6 @ 90 MPH, 9-29-2001

Don't mess with the van, not bad for 16 psi!

The Caravan with no name was picked up for $800 from a customer who was unwilling to spend any more money doing repairs. I was looking for a replacement for my truck and what would be better then a Turbo Caravan? It was very clean inside and out (which is important to me because I'm no bodyman) and more importantly had a/c (unlike my current truck), a large plus since it's not unusual to get stuck in New York traffic on the way to the track. The fact that it had 217,000 miles on it meant nothing to me and on Jan, 1st 2001 the wrenches started to spin... and in typical gearhead fashion I can't resist making a few... upgrades while digging in the engines internals.. 


A little work in the bowl area of the runners.. pardon the mess, not done yet.

Always time for a little runner work.. just a clean up.

Never one to do things by halves... the exhaust manifold also succumbs to my tender ministrations..

Already completed and installed is the shortblock (minus balance shafts of course) and a killer auto shift transaxle with late model differential and a 27,000 lb GVW transcooler. Also installed is a few other goodies like a 89 Garrett turbo II turbocharger, free flowing 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust and a intercooler.. Just because it's a Caravan don't expect it to be slow! =)

Installed engine- No intercooler yet and at just 7 psi of boost the thing screams. I have towed 3-4 cars already with it including one clear out to Ohio (1200 miles round trip) and it does the job with ease.  Suspension has been fortified with H-D shocks, struts and a Addco sway bar but the 205-70's have to go! Way to wobbly when trucks pass.

New 2.5 inch exhaust system, doing some backpressure testing of the exhaust system... Interesting results!

The Van gets intercooled!! Check out THIS page!

Making a break for it at LVD (Mopar Day)

Amazing what you can do with a bungee and ziplock bags of ice!

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