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 Decided on a what's new page to help out people who visit my site time to time, make it easier to keep track of updates and such.  Be warned though I'll be pulling out the soapbox from time to time.  Bizarre stuff indeed.



"I sang in my chains like the sea"

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Example if liberal insanity.

Armed muzzies blowing up stuff, shooting cops and stabling people, not terrorism. 

White guy in a van accidentally runs over muzzies dressed in black milling at a crosswalk at night? String the terrorist son of a bitch up


Hey ya'll!

I'm driving down the road this morning to pick up a new lawn mower as the old one bit the dust finally (no sad face, it was after all almost 20 years old!) and I'm listening to NPR as the radio was scanning... and I decided that liberals in the media are as mad as a box of Hatters. Seriously! There was a woman who was comparing the life of... wait for it... chickadees to... wait for it... the US Constitution. 

I'm like, what? Did this blithering idiot just say that?

She then proceeded to blather on about how we should be more like chickadees, and about how we do things for our posterity and how DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH. 

Um, no mam' it isn't. You import people from 3rd world hell holes to the United States you get a 3rd world hell hole here. There is no magic dirt that turns them into Americans. 

Close the border, deport every single illegal alien and close down all immigration for 50 years. 


In other news the truck is fine, the CSX is still broke and the Challenger ABS system decided to go on the fritz. I thought I purchased a newer car to avoid this BS?

Adam West passed away.. RIP man. Funny guy.















Been a tough number of weeks since last posting! Transmission in the truck finally showing its age and from there a comedy of errors ensued. Chrysler shipped me a defective converter. Pulled trans back out. Wait for new converter. Does not show up on designated day. New converter finally shows up. Wrong one in the box. Much shouting on phone. Still waiting. Sad face as $75 of synthetic ATF goes down drain. Jobs lost because no truck. 

CSX decided it was going to pop the rear main seal just sitting in the garage. Trail of Mobile One on floor. More sad face. 

Rampage decided to stop charging, passenger window track died, number two son took out the airdam (and I just gave away the spare) 

This is getting old. 

Rest in Peace Sir Roger Moore, you were the Bond I knew best and by all accounts a decent human being which is a rarity in Hollywood.

His name was Seth Rich.




Thank you for the music Mr. Berry, rest in peace.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

He paid taxes at a higher rate than you Bernie, when you going to pay your fair share?


God bless you James Wood.

Trump is warning them what is coming.. and they are not listening.

Go all Andy Jackson on them sir, we got your back.



Major snowstorm on its way in! Looking at major blizzard conditions with 15-22" of snow! Tuesday is going to be interesting..

Has it been a month since I started on the motorcycle? It tortured me something fierce. I got it running again and then there was debris in one of the carbs and it flooded SO them I pulled the one bowl off and found it gunked up with corn based fuel. So them I pulled the other three bowls and cleared them out. And then there was problems finding fuel hose. And then the new fuel pump was garbage and could not feed the engine. And then it died and took fuel pump relay with it. And there was coolant leaks. sigh. Its all better now and running great but I'm watching the floor to see if its done marking its territory. 

Picked up another one! Head over to the arcade page to check it out.


Oh how did I laugh, you have to go read this. Nothing like a Hollywood D-lister getting bitchslapped


Anyone surprised? A track record of wiretapping and dirty tricks.

One can dream.




The Alt-Knight rises.

He has balls of steel and has been sounding the alarm for a decade.



This year is off to a tough start I tell ya.

Monte Smith passes away at 61


Monte Smith was a great, regular poster over on the Mopar forums. Always willing to share some bit of knowledge regarding nitrous and help a racer out. We had more than a few spirited discussions with him coming at tuning from the angle of a nitrous racer and me coming at it from the angle of a boost guy. Always entertaining and enlightening at the same time. You sir will be missed. Next time I'm at the track I'll crack open a bottle of nitrous in your honor.



Another trip around the block, another year older.

Don't be distracted by the media.



Andrew... you are missed.

Bill Paxton, father of two and loving husband has passed away at 61

A rarity in Hollywood, a humble actor just grateful to be working and having the time of his life.


Fake black woman with history of lying... claims no one will hire her. 

I wonder why?


One commenter states the following: 

This coming from a woman who threw away her own family in order to live in her fantasy world of lies and deceit. The woman has proven to be a pathological liar who seems to have nothing but high drama following her wherever she goes. Is there any wonder no one wants to hire her?

Rightly so, actions have... consequences. Perhaps if she would face what she has done in the past and atone for it she would find peace and the love of her family.

The first step is admitting you made a mistake and move to correct it... I would be surprised if that would happen in this case, characters like this always double down.



1) Arcade page has some updates, been a busy bee.

2) Working on the 'ol Honda Magna motorcycle this week.. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling though. Bike has had a rattle when cold the last year and I assumed it needed a valve adjustment which is very involved with a V4 engine. So this weekend I took everything apart.. and found that nothing was greatly amiss in the valve adjustment. Yikes. Well I did the adjustment and when other parts come in this week (fuel pump, filters) I'll fire it back up and see if the noise went away.. I doubt it though. If anything all the valve adjustment were on the tight side. So this does not bode well and once it is running again see if we can zero in on the issue. The bike has only 24,000 miles on it and is considered a baby in Honda Magna circles. Its not unusual to see these bikes with over 100,000 miles and I have seen one with over 250,000. Once the bike is fixed it will be time to start on the GTX upgrades.

3) Doing some house work too, have a bedroom that is going to see some paint work and minor renovation.

4) Had our first real snowstorm of the season! About a foot, maybe a foot and a half of snow. Great thunder and lightning though. I'm thinking that were most of the way through February that this might be the only major snow we see this winter.

5) Someone stopped by my home to pick up a part and remarked that one of the things they enjoyed was the politics on the "whats new page" and remarked the volume had gone down. As I have remarked in the past, if the President and Congress is doing its job.. I have nothing much to say. Trump has been excellent in the last 30 days, Fake News Media to the contrary. The volume of the media freak out as they toss everything and anything on the wall tells you all you need to know..

That being said... lets roll with the updates!

From the Conservative Tree House: 

“You know what the best thing about all this is? Trump supporters aren’t starstruck. They’re not there to see a celebrity or a political icon. They’re there to see one of their own, just a man who’s fighting for them. The deplorables enthusiasm & emotional zeal comes from the heart, it comes from the absolute excitement of hearing an actual warrior who fights for them & stands on principle, honor & integrity. Celebrity worship & shallow platitude ingesting is the leftists domain. The brainwashed masses eat up what their handlers feed them But what we see here is actual Americans concerned about their country & how ecstatic they are that a real leader with real leadership capabilities is finally looking out for their interests There’s no ideological global nonsense involved. It’s simply people who want jobs, safe communities & a country with a viable future It’s nothing more than Americans cheering for America. What a concept”

Congratulations to Joy whose album sales have risen some astronomical number on Amazon. She also sucked all the oxygen out of the media room during the Grammy's denying the haters their platform to bash Trump. Hilarious! Other artists have now come out the closet to support Trump now that Joy Villa has made her stand. Bravo!

Obama lackey goes out the door, get rid of all of them Mr. President.

So Good.

Rioters going to jail edition.

Not 11 million, more like 30 million.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Fake media edition...

Got that right, preach it brother!

Some random humor...


Welcome to Febuary!

1) John Hurt passes away.

You will be missed Mr. Hurt, one of the few actors I respected who brought everything to the table in almost all of the roles he played. He was low key and didn't put on airs and would even poke fun at himself at times (see him reprising his role as Kane in Spaceballs) He seemed to avoid the stereotype of playing the same individual in every movie he was in.

Looking at you Bruce Willis and I like you, but you are the same guy in every movie.

2) Masaya Nakamura, who founded the Japanese video game company NAMCO and came up with the name "PACMAN" passed away at the age of 91. Mr. Nakamura is not the father of PACMAN as reported by the media which was the brain child of designer Toru Iwatani, he simply came up with the name. Nakamura reportedly chose the word “Pac,” or “pakku” in Japanese, to represent the sound of the Pac-Man munching its prey.

3) Speaking of arcade related items... 


I do have other hobbies besides cars and politics!

4) Did some weeding on the left side navigation bar. Just some stuff that did not take off or pages that point to links offsite that are dead now.. 

This song made it to number seven on the music charts! 

Dick Clark looks baffled as hell, lol.


From the interesting bedfellows department:

Women's March Speaker Kidnapped, Raped & Tortured Man to Death

One speaker at the march, Donna Hylton, is a convicted felon who took part in the kidnapping, torturing, sodomizing and murder of an old man. Hylton, along with three men and three other women, kidnapped 62-year-old real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo and held him for ransom, before eventually killing him. As noted in a 1995 Psychology Today article, when asked about forcibly sodomizing the victim with a three foot steel pole, one of Hylton's accomplices replied: "He was a homo anyway."

Nasty Women indeed, the face of evil.

If women have the same rights as guns, the woman holding that sign will be:

Since I’m a caring person like liberals say they are, I sure hope the woman in the protest march has her dream come true!

H/t maziel.

I'm glad in 2017 we have feminism to protect women from being treated as sex objects..


I like it.



Because they are fake news, a propaganda outlet.

Roar? People will forget your temper tantrum next week. You are wearing a god damn pussy hat on your head and you want people to take you serious? You come off as a group of self entitled jack-asses screaming for attention. Just what is it that you are protesting? We live in a serious world where the police are getting gunned down in the streets, cities are burning, states teetering on the edge of insolvency, Iran and North Korea are loading missiles on launchers, the economy is in tatters with half the working population unemployed, invaders streaming unimpeded over the borders, "lone wolf" terror attacks happening on a weekly basis and Washington D.C. getting rich while more and more Americans are being fleeced. 

Roar? For every ONE of you fools out in the street, THIRTY WOMEN VOTED FOR TRUMP. Your candidate was a useless, cheating, conniving grifter who did nothing but ride the coattails of her rapist husband the last 30+ years who promised to keep the polices of the last jack-ass in office going while importing more Muslim invader-rapists-terrorists AND starting a war with Russia. 

Where are the protests against warmonger Hillary Clinton or serial vagina abuser Bill Clinton? Oh I see. He is YOUR GUY and that is acceptable. 


Lets play a game; How would the media report a "million man march" by a bunch of guys wearing "cock hats" on Washington D.C. protesting Hillary Clinton?

I'm sure they would be breathless in their reporting.


What more could you ask for? I suspect he will actually follow through with it too.

This.. concerns some people.

Washington might not be the same for some time.


Thank you for the return of the Churchill bust to the White House. 

Britain will always be special to the United States and it was a disgrace when it was removed.

God bless you- Can you even imagine the enormity of what just happened? Trump just spent 60 million of his own money, endured endless attacks on his reputation and family, will take no salary as president of the United States and pledged that any profits from his overseas operations will be given to the US Treasury. Truly an inspiring example and NOT business as usual. Clean house sir, we need it badly.  

Just let the stupid sink in for a moment.



I had to put up with Obama for 8 years, as the lady says just deal with it.

Preach it.


Sorry for the lack of personal updates, been fighting an illness the last few weeks that has not left me with a lot of energy.



Blurb of the day:  How irresponsible we once were, to allow our children such huge blocks of time to be themselves, outdoors with others of their kind, inventing things to do! Think of the trouble they got themselves into. Sometimes they went fishing. Sometimes they set off firecrackers in garbage cans. Sometimes they hopped trains. Sometimes they hiked through woods and mapped out trails. Sometimes they rode their bicycles to nearby towns. Sometimes they climbed trees. Sometimes they declared war on one another. Sometimes they wandered off to a construction site to look at the backhoes and winches. Sometimes they formed secret societies with passwords and oaths and penalties of death, or worse.  […]  What all children once did on their own, without adults to manage their movements, now relatively few do, under strict supervision. Parents themselves have taken their cue from the schools, and enlist their young charges in all kinds of drills: for dance or music or gymnastics or martial arts, until the schedule for a typical Tormentarian tot resembles the day’s lineup for the executive of a large corporation. You may not, in Tormentaria, look up at the stars at night because you enjoy doing so; but you’ll be admired and envied if your parents convey you to an Astronomy course, wherein you will do very little looking at stars and a lot of riding in a car, answering “present,” looking at greaseboard drawings, and waiting in line to peer through a telescope. … Indeed, everything you do as a child must be geared — I use the word “geared” deliberately — towards that resumé which will gain you admission to Higher Blunting, followed by Prestigious Work, followed by retirement and death. 

[Anthony Esolen, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, ISI Books, 2010; pp 54-55]

I spent many a fond day utilizing my imagination back in the day... we had a black and white TV with little on.. a rotary phone.. no money.. and the vast outside or local library in which to explore.


Fake News Edition:


Real News:


Some Hollywood putz worth $75,000,000 (million) is going to lecture me on Trump? She attacks with a thoroughly discredited incident about a reporter? And to further add insult to injury whines about violence and disrespect but has nothing to say about BLM rioters burning cities down, assassinating police and a disabled white man being tortured live on Facebook?

I have no problem boycotting Hollywood for another 8 years if this is the type of tripe they are going to continue to spew. 


Go back to your gated community with armed guards with participation awards arrayed on the mantel.

You are not some fountain of intellectual thought but a paid meat puppet who is expected to parrot lines written by someone else and emote on command.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Yes the man is a traitor, textbook definition.

Failing to abide by the law, failing to enforce the laws, undermining the rule of law at every opportunity, conspiring with and giving aid to our enemies and undermining our allies and citizens.



The Irish Times: The alt-right movement: everything you need to know

Splendid article, laughed my butt off. Why is it more often than not the UK papers get things right the US media does not? hmm.

Alt-lite: The more mainstream form of the alternative right, embodied by figures such as Vice founder Gavin McInnes or Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Alt-right: A young, energetic upstart faction of the Trump coalition heavily active on Twitter and underground forums. Characterised by nationalism, scepticism toward globalism and an irreverent sense of humour. 

Blue hair: An aggressive, unpleasant feminist with brightly coloured hair, usually depicted as being overweight.

Cat lady: An older, less aggressive version of a blue hair. Cat ladies prefer MSNBC and Cosmopolitan, whereas a blue hair spends her life on social blogging platform Tumblr.

Go read the rest, well worth the 5 minutes or less of your time.


01-02-17 (Happy New Years edition)


May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.



Three times actually, she lost in 2008 as well.

A medal for those offended.

Grow. Up.

Life is tough, tougher when you are being stupid.

Thanks for visiting Donovan's Dodge Garage