Donovan's Dodge Garage- 2.2/2.5 N/A EFI database

Overview- This page is for the upgrade and modification of the *NATURALLY ASPIRATED, FUEL INJECTED* Chrysler 2.2 & 2.5 SOHC engines produced between 1984-1995. I'll be frank in stating that there isn't a lot out there for these engines and the factory never did any research into making them go fast because they had the turbo package.

1) Overview by year

2) Induction choices

3) Cylinder head, cams and related

4) Exhaust related

5) Shortblock

6) Oiling system & balance shafts

7) Ignition upgrades

8) Computer related

9) Tuning tips

10) Checking cam & distributor timing

11) Common failure items & mistakes

12) Torque & clearance specs for 2.2/2.5 engines

13) Fault codes

14) Vacuum Diagrams

15) Relentless with 2.2 PFI

16) 1993-1995 2.5 FFV

17) Mexican PFI Non-turbo!

General Recommendations-

1)  Lighten the car! 100 pounds equals 10 hp!

2) A manual transmission car wastes less hp then an automatic

3) Underdrive pulley

4) 2.5 owners pull the balance shafts

5) Tuning, tuning, tuning!

6) Improved cold air induction, hood scoop would be best

7) Cooler thermostat (180-185F)

8) Manual steering

9) Header

10) K&N air filter

11) Good exhaust system

12) Nitrous Oxide

13) Light flywheel to enhance acceleration

14) 0W-30 or 5W-30 Mobile 1

15) Aftermarket camshaft


Topica has a mailing list dedicated to TBI cars.

ALLPAR has a page with some TBI tips & feedback

Anthony Huczek has a cool N/A Daytona using a 87 TII intake. Some good information.

Check out Derek's Garage, he has done some tinkering with his TBI setup. More good info!

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