Tony Scalia
 He's rude! He's sarcastic!
Everyone should have a friend like him.

 (helps keep me in line)

This is what started my friendship with Tony, a '71 Dodge Charger in need of a little extra motivation. He ran into me one night where the locals used to street race and a friendship was started which has continued for over ten years.

Ahh the Challenger, it had a long history before Tony purchased it; lots of races with this heavy iron.
It is still running around Connecticut somewhere.

At Raceway Park! Englishtown, N.J.

 Tony sold the Challenger one day due to financial reasons and perhaps a fit of annoyance.
Of course you can't keep a gearhead away from cars long and he found this Grand Coupe Barracuda.

It was a puke green color; a trip to the paint booth and it was a stunning black.

Tony has owned a 440 Plum Crazy Cuda 4-speed car and even a FWD Turbo Z Daytona.

 Now this is quite the before and after shots; I don't know where he gets the energy.
The car was purchased for PARTS. I was going to part it out it was so bad.

Now these are some old pictures!

An annoyed track official I believe...


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