Steve is a buddy of mine I met through the Shelby Dodge club at an event down at Cecil County. He's an old time gearhead like myself where anything is possible as long as you put for mind to it!  Would you believe a PAIR of Lebaron GTC's that run 13's? How about one of them that is the first anywhere to run a 12 and now an 11! (Current best-11.87 @ 118mph!!!!)

(Steve enjoying a cigar after a particularly good pass)

The engine bay of the 11 second Lebaron GTC

Left ; At Cecil County June  31, 99
Right ; Doing a little night racing


Left; Steve's first 13 second pass (I think) 13.66 which isn't bad considering it was done on street tires!
Right; Seems somebody forgot to bring long pant's to the track this summer and had to borrow a pair


Steve's car on the dyno- 298 ft/lbs of torque & 235 hp and this is on the middle boost setting!

There is more pictures of Steve's car over at Kanata, Real Audio video files on the video page or you could drop him a line at

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