Paul Smith's 12 second 1989 Dodge Caravan

Paul Smith has a minivan- a REAL FAST Mini Van.  12.65 @ 105 mph to be precise! Paul has a excellent website detailing the build up of his vans drivetrain, why don't you head over and check it out!

Just your basic 4 banger making a whole bunch o' power.


Want to see Dad's Bad Ass Minivan in action? Head over to the video page and download a Real Audio clip of Paul opening up a can o' whupass on some poor Camaro owner! Hahahahaha!

Paul is one of those guys that's just real down to earth and it's great to hang out with him & his family. We spent time together at SDAC-10 and it was one of my personal highlights of the whole trip. It makes being part of the Shelby Dodge Auto Club all the more worthwhile.  

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