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Hi! My name is Jon- you need long pants to race don't ya know? I'm from Oakdale CT. and between Gary and myself there isn't a Honda boy within MILES who will even THINK of racing a FWD Turbo Mopar!

Pictured above are Jon's two FWD Mopars- The teal 3.0 V6 powered Acclaim has run low 16's with minor mods like better exhaust, 52 mm throttle body, cooler thermostat and bumped timing and is a super clean car (it's also the unofficial tow vehicle of the Donovan Dodge Garage, a long story for another day).  The CSX-T was purchased some time after the Acclaim for the sum of $200!! Jon made the buy for a few reasons- number one the price was right and number two he wanted a turbo car!!  Seems the racing bug had bitten Jon and the lack of go fast parts for the 3.0 was getting him down in the dumps. (Not too mention he met a new friend not long before the purchase of the CSX-T with a stupidly fast Daytona and K-car)

Mopars at Englishtown June 3 & 4th

The car was "resting" at a car dealer as a trade in with 140,000 on the clock. The keys were missing and the dealer said the car needed a head so for $200 it changed hands. Jon ran down to Autozone and purchased a lock cylinder and the car fired right up! In no time at all the car was whipped back into shape with the biggest problem being the trans had to be replaced- it had been run low on oil a few times to many. With a junkyard intercooler/radiator setup from a Turbo II Daytona, a high flow 2.5 inch exhaust, a 5'th injector and 18 psi of boost the car ran 15.5's at 85 mph.  But Jon wanted more... (Imagine that)

 Plans were made for more power over the winter- The engine was freshened up and the lightweight rods were tossed in the dumpster, a G-casting head was installed, Jon ported the exhaust manifold himself (and a nice job too), and the mitsu turbo was round file-cabinated for a 85' Garrett converted to TII specs (see the turbo database page for the details) With minor lightening of weight of the car it runs 13.8@99 mph at the same boost level!! with a 2.3 short time! Sadly the right front slick popped a tube before more passes could be made- The car the next day on street tires and a little more boost was running 102 mph!  (Jon's car has since ran a 13.6) 

Calculated hp is 222-226 at the wheels- the car gained 1.7 tenths and 17 mph from last year! Jon is hoping to do some tweaking to get the power up higher and work on the suspension so some low 13 second passes are in the future.
Videos of Jon's cars running can be downloaded over on the video page.

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