Garry W. McKissick, Jr's 1986 Shelby Charger "Sleeper"

 Here is a list of modifications with 1/4 mile times for my Shelby Charger "Sleeper."  I don't know for sure what my Charger did FULLY stock, as I never really ran it that way.

- Installed Mopar Performance logic module, Walker Super Turbo muffler (stock catalyst
still in place), home-made ram air system, and Centerforce racing clutch.....

Best run: 15.17 @ 90.2 mph.

- Spearco intercooler kit for Turbo I installed, '85 G-casting head (stock head was cracked), new oil pump, rod bearings, piston rings, replaced a broken piston, installed 804 injectors, MSD-6 ignition, home-made cool can, LRE Response kit, complete 2.25" exhaust w/o catalyst.  LRE heim joint shift linkage, LRE 40% faster shifter, KYB 4-way adjustable struts, KYB racing shock, 1" lowering springs in front, and Poly bushings.  Boost level at 12 psi (still had MP logic module).....

Best run: 14.45 @ 95.6 mph.

- '86 block, Mahl TII pistons, TII crank (forged), TII rods, '85 G-casting head (bowls measured to 50 cc's, ported and polished), Comp Cams camshaft, heavy duty springs, bronze valve guides, TII 2 piece intake (with 90 degree bend cutout, ported for 56mm but run a 52mm), hogged out TII exhaust manifold (EGT probe), Custom turbocharger (H3 compressor w/ TA34 turbine wheel), '84 A-413 automatic trans (heavily modified, extra clutches, reverse pattern manual valve body, stock converter), +20% injectors, SX adjustable fuel pressure regulator, custom fuel rail, custom wound Walbro fuel pump.  During SDAC-5 (Topeka, KS) my best run was 14.4 @ 101 mph ---- I had broken the torque converter and was pulling 2.5+ sixty foot times...!! YUCK!

Best run: 14.4 @ 101 mph.

- Same engine as above, installed custom built 4000 stall converter. SDAC-7 (Troy, Michigan) best 60' of day was 2.251.

Best run: 13.618 @ 107.41 mph.

- Re-learned how to drive the car (don't we all).  Back at Milan in September  '97 ran a best of 12.994 @ 105.03 mph.  EGT's were 1450 degrees while going through the lights at the end of the track.  This was showing me that my fuel pressure was a tad too high.

 Best run: 12.994 @ 105.03 mph.

- Lowered fuel pressure to 53psi.  Best run was 12.852 @ 108.70 mph.  Most of the runs that night where either high 12's or 13.0's with my highest mph being 108.99 mph.  Decided to push the car one too many times, then heard a noise which I thought was a spun rod bearing.  Later on (a year later), found out it was just loose torque converter bolts!! AUGH!!!

Best run: 12.852 @ 108.70 mph.

- Built new 'ultimate' engine, this engine has a totally different turbocharger, as the other one wasn't working well with the A-413 automatic.  Custom rods, custom pistons. Pretty much custom everything. Haven't run the car at the track as I just finished building/assembling this new engine. Putting the engine into simulations show it will be producing around 425-450 hp at the flywheel with the new engine combination.  Guess we will only see, if it makes that much power---- mid 11 second 1/4 mile times should be NO problem with mph around 120 mph at end of 1/4 mile.

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