Ed Peters, failure analysis engineer for Chrysler (retired)

Ed Peter's is a retired failure analysis engineer for Chrysler who was also involved in several facets of their 2.2 racing program.  Ed's main job was saving Chrysler money by reducing warrantee costs BUT several things found on the track made it into production cars to help racers out.

1) Change from 1/8 NP on oil pressure block adapter to 1/4 NP (no more breaking off)
2) Oil restrictor on all engines 1985 and up (to much oil in head under race conditions)
3) Turbo III coolant deflector behind water pump.

I'm sure there is others but you get the picture. 

Below (and above) are pictures of a drag Omni that Ed built- Ed's main hobby in life is road course racing so this car doesn't see much use and I'll see if I can contact Ed to get some more details. The car supposed to be a '88 test mule from Shelby Industries that at one time had a 16V engine in it. Car has a long rod 2.2 engine producing 411 hp and 396 ft-lbs at the flywheel AND weighs about 2000-2100 lbs.

It appears Ed MAY have EGT probes in each exhaust runner. Looks like 2 Westach dual EGT gauges are mounted on the center of the dash.

Rear mounted fuel cell.

Neat! An push button, air shifted 413 automatic transaxle! 

More engine pictures.

From what I understand Ed's car was built for European Chrysler export- One of the clues is this picture which shows the rear bumper tucked way in as well as the side pieces which were part of the Euro spec Omnis.

More of Ed's work- Note the thermal coated manifolds, slip-slide cam sprocket, stainless lines, oil breather at the left rear of the intake & modified turbo outlet.

Note the custom underdrive pulley on the front of the engine as well as the oil cooler.

Want to hear Ed talk about hyper-u-broke-it pistons?  Head over to the file page...

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