Dean Stillies 11 second 1982 Dodge Rampage

Dean is one of FWD Mopars heavy hitters who hails from the great country of Canada!

Some pictures and drivetrain specs-

New for this year will be a forged piston short block. 2.5 + .020" with a cast crank and common block. I'll be running a big valve head G casting with an 88 roller cam and/or a TAFT S2.

The turbo is new for this year a T3/T4 with a delta gate stage 3 turbine and 57 trim TO4E compressor. This bolted to a homemade TBI exhaust manifold/header. I'll be running S60 injectors and a ND module.

The trans is a stock 413 non lock up with 2.78 ratio and late model planetary gear sets and so I'm far leaning toward reusing my home made posi but it may get welded not sure yet.

I have a peel off fiberglass hood on the car already but I'm still waiting for my lightweight doors.. hopefully this alone will save me about 150 lbs which should bring the with driver weight down to about 2200 lbs.


Want to see a Real Audio clip of Dean running? Head over to the video page...


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