Dan Carson's 11 second 1986 Omni GLH Turbo

Make sure you check out the video of Dan running!

A little history from Dan first...

86 Omni GLH purchased new in late 85

Played with it as stock T1 until about 87, ran low 15's: put an 80 hp NOS system on and it ran 14.5/14.3

Daily driver from 87 until about 92: did  Turbo II intercooled conversion in 94 and it ran 13.60's.  Converted to a S60 automatic setup (still the 86 block) and ran it like that until 96: blowed up the engine when the fuel pump crapped out.  Would run 13.30s on a good day, but took a lot of work to get it there.  

In 1997 converted to first real engine; Ed Peters designed & machined a pretty stock "good" S-60 pkg- head work, ported mainifolds, ceramic pistons, bearings, and turbo. Sent me parts and I assembled.  Put in an ATI torque converter and ran this setup until late last year.  Best time 12.10 at 114+. at 19/20 psi boost. Early 2000 pulled a dumb shit move and blew it up due to massive overboost; like 45 +.  Still kicking myself.

Dan's Omni & Relentless side by side at Cecil County, July 31st 1999

Current engine;

Another Ed Peters designed/machined 2.2 with the same setup except: Long rod setup (6.3 Chevy rods-opps, did I say Chevy), Crowler rods, Venola pistons, same ceramics as old engine, and a 9.8 compression ratio.  Best time so far, 11.91 at 114 at 18 psi; engine designed for 25, so will see what happens.  Still a open diff but using Gus balance tricks which seem to work; switched to M&H slicks.  End of year ran very consistant low 12's, high 11's, but trans lost clutches, so using winter to rebuild trans.  Hope the car will be a consistant low 11 second machine, but will have to wait and see.  

Jump warming up da' slicks..

Personal stuff:

Old guy (56), been a Chrysler nut since the Magna Carta was signed. First real car was a 69 Road Runner.  Married, wonderful wife that tolerates my Mopar affliction, work in DC with Federal Government.  Lot of support from the folks in the office; they can't believe an old fart goes racing or that an Omni whoops Vipers.  Love to keep them entertained.

Speaking of Vipers... guess who won? ;-)

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