Mr. Mopar- Cliff Sebring.

Cliff and the 11 Second Omni known as the "Silver Bullet"

Cliff Sebring is an old time die hard Mopar fan from Delta PA. How die hard? Cliff used to own a Mopar salvage yard that he just recently sold off so he could spend a year or two racing uninterrupted! He's own some interesting Mopars over the years and below you will see a few listed.. Did I mention Cliff is the first FWD Mopar owner to run in the 11's? He's da man.

David and Goliath? you got that right, the Duster is about to go home with his tail between his legs- That Omni has run a best of 11.78 at 110 mph! (Mopars at Englishtown '97)

Two more fun toys Cliff has owned- The Rampage is Turbo II powered with an automatic and the "Shelby Voyager" is 2.2 5-speed equipped & came in second place in the Grassroots Motorsports challenge! (and run 13.0 to boot, shown here kicking ass at Atco Dragway during an import event)

How about a 2.2 dragster? Cliff used to have a B.B. Chevy on board but swapped it out for 2.2 power!

904 2.2 transmission is a 1 of 6 prototype made by Ma Mopar for testing in RWD Dakota's. What did they find out in testing? 90 hp 2.2 carb + RWD truck = suckage!  I like Cliff's usage better!

Want more Mopar oddness? How about a 79 vintage Omni O24 Electric car with 1700 miles on it!!!

One of Cliff's current fun rides- an AAR Neon, and on the right is the engine from his Spirit R/T for some reason the vin number ends with 000002. (Yes it's the second R/T prototype from Mopar)

And last but not least... The first FWD Mopar to run 11's!

Damn fast, got that right!

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