AJ Berge- 16V tweaker and Gold level Chrysler master tech (Viper certified) 

AJ hails from Long Island where he works on Chrysler's at the local dealers- and when he's not doing that he's playing with 16V 2.2's! Pictured here is his first 16V project, an 89 Daytona Shelby with 91 electronics.

Anthony's current toy- A 1990 VNT Daytona. (His second 16V project)

Hah! don't believe everything you see!

That's no wimpy factory installed VNT motor in there, but a fire breathing 350 hp 2.2 liter 16V with dual core intercooler, T4/T3 hybrid turbocharger and custom SBEC electronics!

What you WILL see if you tangle with this rocket- TAILLIGHTS.

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