The disclaimer:

I have nothing to do with Daimler/Chrysler, I'm not paid to do this website nor will you find any paid ad's here. Any modifications you do to your car are at your own risk and if you don't follow directions or warnings very well and blow something up, well your S.O.L. and need a different hobby. Any modifications on this site that impact the emissions system of your vehicle are for off road use only and don't come crying to me if the EPA is banging on your door at 12:00 a.m. to drag you off to jail (just kidding, honest!) I'm an opinionated son of a bitch so don't get me wound up, if you don't like it go to yahoo or something don't bother me. 

You're a grown-up take responsibility for your actions damn it! Now go out there and kick ass at the track!