Daytona (VSA-101) 2000

Successor to the VSA-100 chips with a die shrink, cooler operation, higher clock speed and DDR support! Drivers for Daytona boards can be found on the downloads page (same driver as VSA-100)

Daytona AGP with 32MB DDR ram & TV out, perfect function!

Top card is prototype 4200 VSA-101 board number two (dated 34-00) with 32 megs of DDR ram, it is so early it doesn't even have a 3dfx logo on the VSA-100 chip! Notice the lack of heatsink? The chip runs so cool at 143 mhz that none is required.

Bottom card is a 4200 series VSA-101 rev. A1 board with 16 meg DDR ram that *we are told* was sold to IBM for use in Unix servers (and the bios even indicates IBM as sub-vender) Sources indicate that these were prototype cards modified for production sale, card is dated 45th week, 2000.

Another 4200 16MB DDR card and this one is pure prototype- Notice the lack of heatsinks on the main chip dated 3100 (last week of JULY 2000) and voltage regulator (which is soldered, not screwed in place like production), the PCB is darker shade of green, A12 markings in handwritten ink and most notable to the trained eye is that with the exception of the PCI edge connector all the contacts on the circuit board are silver and not gold! Compare the unused voltage regulator pad at the top right of the cards, the top is gold but the bottom card is not. This is very common on pre-production & prototype 3dfx cards. On the back side the production date precedes the upper card by three weeks and there is one area of the circuit board that has been hand reworked.

Rear view of the revision A0 board- It has fewer decals and silkscreen information then the A1 boards plus the circuit paths are noticeably different! Both boards carry blank spots on the back for more ram... hmm... Makes me want to add a few pieces in the rear and upgrade the front at the same time and have an overclocking party =-)

This PCI board (dated 39-00) has left the collection and is being worked on to perhaps restore function. Unfortunately the PCB was very warped.

This Daytona showed up on Ebay for sale by an ex-3dfx engineer, it is the only Daytona board with this PCB intended for Windows with 32 megs of ram. 

Note the dual regulators with heatsinks and lack of DVI connector along with the back of the board being populated by ram chips.

Boot screen from 32 meg board.

The VSA-101 based cards were due for January 2001 release to general public but 3dfx went under before then. 

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