Welcome to the personal page..

My name is Gary Scott Donovan, I was born on March 6, 1966 in New London Ct. I'm a Chrysler Master Tech with 15 years in the field, my hobbies are computers (ibm p.c.) Hot Rods,racing (go's with the Hot Rods),playing Quake on the internet with my bro's the QUAKEMARINES,reading a good book (Shogun is my favorite),Seeing a good movie (Aliens,Star Wars,The Terminator,any good thriller) I like women with lots of common sense and don't tolerate fools well. I have a dry sense of humor,and I'm a bit of a cynic although I'd rather be an optimist. I'm always willing to help a friend in need.. Thanks to Seth Prentiss for helping me get the ball rolling on this web page,like everything else in life once someone gives you a kick in the direction you want to go its easy!

Thank You for stopping in!!

Just some stuff to fluff out my page a bit-newer stuff coming..Thats my 82 Honda Magna..

Thats me standing behind the silver car(I got that car to run 13.3 at 106 mph!)-and on the right
at Epping Dragway..Alas the little Charger would only run 16's