Donovan's link listings

Some of my favorite spots on the web.

Automotive links and Quake links are on there respective pages..

Have any good links?

The Adrenaline Vault Game Site
Best games spot on the web

Dogpile!! The webs best search utility
If its out there,Dogpile will find it!

The Tech Zone
Up to date computer hardware info page.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Computer Hotrodding!!

The System Opimization Guide
More Computer Hotrodding!!

Boot magazine
The wild men of Computer publishing

Sticky Monkey!
Humor & Attitude - All crammed into one StickyMonkey!

If you want to play games on the net-get Kali

Need a program? Here is the place!

ZD Net
Here is another good spot for software..

CNN-were else to get the latest news?

Persian Kitty
Adults only please!
The dark side of the net-NOT for the weak of heart..