Welcome to the 11 & 12 second Daytona club.

From the factory they tip the scales at 3000 lbs plus, these are the heavyweights of the FWD Mopar world.  Check them out!
(yes I own one, call me egotistical if you want too-  I'm more proud of the fact I went 12's in a Daytona then 11's in a K-car.  My hands weren't tied on what I could do with the Reliant)

Rick's 12 second Nitroused 3.0 V6 Automatic (12.62@111 mph)


Rick hails from the west cost where he has a bit to much time (and money) on his hands! This Daytona sports a 3.0 V6 that's been built to the max complete with 175 hp NOS kit and has run a best of 12.62@111 mph.  Full details can be seen on Rick's page here- http://www.members.home.net/lopezs/index.html

Paul Velliky's Nitroused 2.2 Automatic (12.20@112 mph)

Paul's car is a 87 Shelby Z which has a full raft of goodies such as ported head, intake and exhaust manifold, a Garret T-3/T/4 Hybrid turbo with 9# wastegate & 10^ clip, larger injectors and a whole bunch more. As a little extra insurance he has a 50 hp NOS nitrous system.  Check out THIS page for more details...

Mike Lupis' 1991 2.5 5-speed (11.79@121 mph)

Mike's ride is a high torque monster that cuts 1.90 short times with 4800 rpm launches!  The car has all the normal upgrades (big valve head, forged slugs, 52 mm T.B.) and runs at 21 psi of boost. Weekly trips to the Mason-Dixon dragway along with long hours of fine tuning have turned this car into a 12 second powerhouse! (Lexan back window never hurts either eh Mike?)  Contact Mike at: msl264@intrepid.net

Gary Donovan's 89 2.2 5-speed (12.68@110 mph)


Stock parts taken to the extreme- 12.68 on a shortblock with 121,000 miles on it!  Stock head, cam & valve springs, turbo, intercooler, computer and shortblock.  All the details are HERE

Joe O'Connor's 1985 2.2 5-speed (11.6@126 mph)

   Currently the quickest 2.2 5-speed here, Joe's car sports a raft of hi-po parts such as stage II turbocharger, Forward Motion header kit, big valve head, dual intercoolers and much more... Head over to Joe's page to check out all the details.

Leon Bellavance's 1987 2.5 16V automatic (11.8@114)


Newest member Leon hails from Alberta Canada- At this years (2001) SDAC convention Leon ran 12.97 @ 106 mph after making a 2200 mile trip to get there! Car sports hi-po goodies such as an S-60 turbo, header, custom intercooler, larger exhaust etc. To see more of Leon's car head over to KANATA where it was made car of the month!  

Chad Kilback's 1988 2.5 5-speed (12.75@107)

Seven cars showed up for the fwd class at the drags this weekend in Calgary and all seven cars were Shelby Dodges!  The Calgary SDAC members must have scared away the imports at the last fwd shootout! With a badly slipping clutch and hitting overboost three times in 4th gear, I hooked the 22" MT's and launched all 3130 lbs of my Rocky Mountain Daytona's race weight to a 1.80 60ft and clicked off a 12.95 @ 102.8.  My first 12 second pass ever! Check out Chad's website!

Eric Martin's 86 C/S 2.2 5-speed (12.9@111)

Another Canadian entry! Eric's Daytona is equipped with mostly stock engine parts (much like my own Daytona) but has the advantage of running *TWO* intercoolers and a S-60 turbocharger for vastly superior airflow.  Combine this with a 3 inch exhaust system, 3 bar map electronics, 40% larger then stock injectors and 25 psi of boost and you get the rocketship pictured above!

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